Brush Buddies Sonic Toothbrush featuring Justin Bieber is Newest Addition to Oral Care Line

Brush Buddies, the worlds leading provider of educational and entertaining oral care products and Bravado, the worlds leading music merchandising company, are expanding their wildly successful Justin Bieber oral care line to include a fun new way for fans to brush their teeth.

Brush Buddies announced today the release of the Brush Buddies Sonic Toothbrush featuring Justin Bieber, as the newest addition to their full line of Justin Bieber branded oral care products launched earlier this year.


The new Brush Buddies Sonic toothbrush features four iconic Justin Bieber inspired colors: purple, blue, red and gold, is battery operated powering more than 30,000 brush strokes per minute and is controlled by an On/Off button in the brush handle. The brush also comes equipped with:

A replaceable brush head as recommended by dentists

An ergonomic design for a comfortable, sure grip

A built in tonguecleaner to ensure whole mouth cleaning

Soft DuPont bristles to clean teeth and sensitive gums

A replaceable AAA battery is included and easy to replace

Consumers and fansalike have quickly embraced the Brush Buddies line featuring Justin Bieber. Parents are also thrilled with the brushes and have stated my daughter no longer needs to be reminded to brush and my child is brushing longer in order to hear the full Bieber song.

Other products in the Brush Buddies Justin Bieber oral care line include two singing toothbrushes, each featuring two of his hit singles for day and night brushing; manual toothbrushes; a microphone shaped flosser; dental floss, and a travel kit.

The new Sonic brush, as well as the rest of the Brush Buddies line featuring Justin Bieber, can be found at CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Nash Finch, Giant Eagle, Save Mart Supermarkets, Toy Factory and other fine retailers nationwide.

Learn more about Brush Buddies at or



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