Justin Bieber: No Stealing My Lyrics!

Justin Bieber is burning the midnight oil working on his new album, and he’s intent on making sure there are no spoilers in the crowd.

Justin tweeted, “in studio finishing this single. Would write some of my lyrics here but dont want anymore people stealing them for songs. this be mine. lol.”

In a cryptic tweet, he hinted about the little known direction the much anticipated album Believe is taking, stating, “this album is not what you are expecting…”

And, a release date?  “very very very soon,” said Bieber via his Twitter account.

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Justin Bieber: Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Justin Bieber gave a young girl battling brain cancer a Valentine’s day she’ll never forget. JB put the 6-year-old fan and her family on a flight from Massachusetts to New York just so he could meet her leading up to cupid’s day.

It was the mother of young Avalanna Routh who started a Facebook campaign to get Bieber and her beloved child into the same room for a meet and greet.  After all, many of her friends already refer to Avalanna as “Mrs. Bieber” after she “married” him in a make-believe wedding last year, according to a report on WBZ TV in Boston.

Bieber and Routh reportedly dined on cupcakes and candy and played board games during the visit.

The brave young girl has been battling a condition called AT/RT since she was nine months old, stated the report.  At this point, there is no known cure for the disease.

The young fan even got a chance to run her fingers through Justin’s famous hair, adds the TV account of their time together.

Bieber wasted no time in tweeting his feelings about their “date.”  JB tweeted, “that was one of the best things i have ever done. she was AWESOME! Feeling really inspired now! #MrsBieber.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Astrological Love Chart

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are star-crossed lovers who can be downright stubborn, according to an astrology expert contacted by JustinBieberOnline.com.  And it’s all written in the stars!

Astrologist Hilary Young, founder of AstrologyDating.com says, “They both get pretty stubborn when they decide they are right.”  Young believes that’s just fine by JB.  “What seems to draw these two together is the fact that they are both genuinely nice people.  Justin is a bit more sensitive than Selena but appreciates her feisty nature,” says the well-respected astrologer.

Young is convinced team Bieber and Gomez were meant to be together one way or another.  “Given that Selena’s Saturn, the taskmaster of the sky, has close aspects to Justin’s Moon, Mercury and Mars, it is likely they feel fated to find a way to work together,” adds the astrological chart expert.

As it turns out, there’s a reason Justin Bieber has such a generous nature when it comes to his fans.  According to Young, “Justin has a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon and Scorpio Rising.  He is very sensitive to the emotions of the people surrounding him and may have trouble differentiating between his feelings and the feelings of the people who are around him.  This gives him a great deal of compassion for others.”

But one look at his chart tells Young our number one star is going through some difficult times astrologically speaking.  “If ever there was a time that Justin needed the love and support of his fans, it’s now.  He’s up against some pretty tough astrological transits that are likely bringing up a great many challenges and insecurities for him,” reveals Young.

Check out more from Hilary Young at AstrologyDating.com

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez In Washington, DC For TNT Christmas Special

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hit Washington, DC Saturday to rehearse for a “Christmas in Washington” television special.  The holiday show tapes on Sunday, but JB and Selena managed to squeeze in a little sightseeing at the National Building Museum and a stop to see some kids at Children’s National Medical Center–the very charity Sunday’s Christmas show will benefit.

@justinbieber tweeted:

“Great visit just now with the kids @childrenshealth here in DC.  Thanks for having me.”

Conan O’Brien is hosting the tv extravaganza featuring performances by Cee Lo Green and Jennifer Hudson, in addition to our man Bieber.  ”Christmas in Washington” airs Friday, December 16 8/7c on TNT.

Sources with the show tell justinbieberonline.com JB will sing “Mistletoe” (from his holiday CD “Under The Mistletoe”) and the Christmas classic “Away In A Manger” during the TNT special.


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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Wedding Scoop From Mexico

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted sunning themselves in Cabo San Lucas, but the real reason they are in Mexico is to attend the wedding of Selena’s friend, according to a new report.

JB and his fair lady are south of the border to celebrate the marriage of Selena’s “Wizards Of Waverly Place” colleague Shannon Larossi, claims TMZ.com.  The new bride has a show credit as a costume designer for the Disney Channel hit.

Selena is reportedly one of the bridesmaids in the wedding party and may perform a song during the festivities.  Justin is there just to be Justin!





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Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey To Perform On “X Factor”

Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey have reportedly agreed on a date to perform a holiday duet on the television show “X Factor.”  JB and Carey will sing “All I want for Christmas Is You” on December 15th, according to an exclusive report from Showbiz411.com.  Carey debuted the song in 1994, but this new version with Justin Bieber is earning a lot of attention.  ”X Factor” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on Fox.




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Justin Bieber Tweets #BIEBERBLAST: His Christmas Song Returns To The Top Ten On ITunes.

Justin Bieber topped off his weekend at Disneyworld, where he appeared on the Christmas Day Parade TV Special, with a tweet about his current music chart domination.  He announced to the world:

“NICE! the new album is back in the TOP TEN on ITUNES and TOP 5 on Billboard! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! #BIEBERBLASTitunes.apple.com/us/album/under…

JB was referring to his top-selling Christmas CD “Under The Mistletoe.”

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Next Stop For Justin Bieber: Disneyworld!

Justin Bieber is headed for the happiest place on earth!  JB let the Twitter universe know his travel plans to Florida in a new tweet Thursday, stating:

@justinbieber:  now heading to DISNEY WORLD to get ready for the Christmas Parade this weekend. #SantaClausIsComingToTown

“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” is a track on his chart topping  ”Under The Mistletoe” CD.

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Justin Bieber Passes 15 Million Twitter Followers And Still Growing!

Wow!  Justin Bieber has earned himself 15 million Twitter followers, and we’re still counting as more join the @justinbieber ranks every minute!

Justin wasted no time in jumping online and thanking his adoring Twitter followers, tweeting:

justinbieber:  our family is growing. I will always be there for you as long as you are there by me. This family is forever. THANK U. #ILoveBELIEBERS

What does this mean for Justin in the Twitter world?  It puts Bieber in only second place on the all-time “most followed” list to Lady Gaga, who sits in the number one position. Pretty impressive.  Here’s another recent tweet he sent to his 15 million-plus Twitter fans:


@justinbieber: #1DAY until the WORLD PREMIERE of my video with @MariahCarey of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on the Rockefeller Tree Lighting on NBC!




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Justin New York City Update

In case you were planning on camping out in New York City Wednesday to catch Justin’s performance at the tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Center, stay home and watch it on NBC.  Initial reports circulated last week that JB would be performing live the exact same night President Barack Obama was set to be in Manhattan.  Can you say traffic gridlock?  Turns out Justin already pre-taped his performance.  As JustinBieberOnline.com previously revealed, Bieber’s last GPS sighting was reportedly in Utah where he was apparently snowboarding– leaving The President to go it alone in the New York City traffic.

“Christmas in Rockefeller Center” with Justin Bieber, Faith Hill and Michael Buble airs on NBC Wednesday, November 30th  at 8pm/7 central.




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